Women in Pakistan

Pakistan ranks second to last in terms of economic participation and opportunities for women. Women fear being harassed in regular taxis and public transport. About 90% of women have actually been harassed in public areas. The few women who work in Pakistan are therefore dependent on their brothers, fathers and husbands to safely go to work or education.

What are we going to do?

Women-friendly taxis increase the freedom of women and therefore the world for women. An inclusive world. To make the dreams of these women come true, we will provide safe transport. So that they can work and contribute to the economy in Pakistan. The CARE Foundation trains 110 Pakistani women to become skilled, resilient and confident taxi and rickshaw drivers. Made with Maude supports this project. A large part of our profit - and that comes from that very good wine on your table - goes directly into our Foundation. The foundation supports this project and we work together on our mission: a world in which everyone can be themselves and receive equal opportunities.

How are we going to do it?

These 110 trained female taxi drivers will act as visible role models for vulnerable women. Thanks to the drivers, 1,400 women will be able to be transported safely every day. That ride is their ticket to freedom, equality and independence. It gives them the opportunity to follow an education or go to work on their own (ie without a husband). With their safe taxis, female drivers open the world to other women. And not just for the passengers. They act as role models for the whole of society. These brave women show that you, as a marginalized group, can also fend for yourself.

Why is that a success?

The idea of female taxi and rickshaw drivers did not come out of thin air. The time for more women behind the wheel is ripe in Pakistan. For example, popular sharing apps are eager for collaborations. Because – capitalist fact – female passengers take shorter journeys and they simply yield more. In addition, the government has introduced policies and laws to prevent sexual violence. Yet taxi driver is still an uncommon profession for women in Pakistan. We therefore do not just train, but at the same time develop an awareness campaign that should increase understanding in society. Put all the puzzle pieces together, et voilá: a project for the empowerment of Pakistani women with a huge chance of success.

So, are you in?

Made with Maude is more than a product, it's a movement. A movement to give women the opportunities they deserve. Will you help give women in Pakistan a place in society? Then order a bottle from our wine collection made by renowned winemakers. All women, yes. Because there is still a world to be won in that industry as well.
Working on it!

Cheers! Maud